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Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC)

CMC is synthesized by the alkali-catalyzed reaction of cellulose with chloroacetic acid. The polar (organic acid) carboxyl groups render the cellulose soluble and chemically reactive. Use in Ice Cream, Beverage, Cake,Noodle.

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Carbon Black

The most common use [70%] of carbon black is as a pigment and reinforcing phase in automobile tires. Carbon black also helps conduct heat away from the tread and belt area of the tire, reducing thermal damage and increasing tire life. Carbon black particles are also employed in some radar absorbent materials and in photocopier and laser printer toner.

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Glacial Acetic Acid (GAA)

Glacial Acetic Acid can be used in the clinical laboratory to lyse red blood cells in order to do manual white blood cell counts. Another clinical use is for lysing red blood cells which can obscure other important constituents in urine during a microscopic examination.

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All Product List

Pastes for Garments Screen Printing:
- Rubber White Paste , Taiwan
- Rubber Clear Paste …Taiwan
- Nylon White Paste …Taiwan
- Nylon Clear Paste …Taiwan
- Nylon Fixer …Taiwan
- Foaming Paste …Taiwan
- Discharge White Paste…Taiwan
- Discharge Clear Paste …Taiwan
- Silver Pearl Paste …Taiwan
- Golden Pearl Paste …Taiwan
- Glass Ball Paste …Taiwan
- Glass Ball …Taiwan
- Jelly Paste …Taiwan
- Thick Paste …Taiwan
- Flock Paste …Taiwan
- Foil Paste …Taiwan
- Metallic Binder ….Taiwan
- Cross Linking Agent (Fixer) …Japan
- Glitter…Taiwan
- Silicone Rubber Paste (A+B) …Taiwan
- Burner Binder (For the printing on T/C blends, and burn out Cotton side) …Taiwan
- Plastisol Inks (solvent & Water base) …Taiwan
- Foil : Silver , Golden and any color. …Taiwan
- Flock: -Nylon, Rayon, Viscose (Glossy or Mat) Any Size…Taiwan/ China
- Table Glue….Taiwan

Textile Chemicals:

- Acetic Acid-Glacial-99.5%Min. .. Taiwan / Korea
- Hydrogen Peroxide- 50% Min. ..Taiwan / Korea
- Para formaldehyde Resin..Taiwan
- Polyvinyl Acetate Emulsion …Taiwan
- Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA)….Taiwan
- Sodium Alginate (Textile Grade)… China
- Cationic Softener suitable for cold and hot water
- Flake /Granular … Taiwan
- Textile Pigment printing binder (BOND BRAND) …Taiwan
- Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) …..Japan
- Synthetic Thickener for Pigment / Reactive / Polyester…Turkey
- Tapioca Starch (Apple brand) ….Thailand
- Optical Brightener Agent ( OBA ) … Taiwan
- Bronze powder- golden / Silver …..Belgium
- Silicone Softner….Taiwan

Textile Dyes:

- Pigment …Taiwan
- Reactive …Taiwan/India
- Disperse ….China

Garments Product:

-Polo Shirt
-Kid's ware
-Home textile

-Gas Burner… Sweden
-Super Glue… Taiwan

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